It's not magic, it's science!

It starts with the Beard Roller

Our Beard Roller uses the science of microneedling to create small & safe abrasions along your beard area. Don't worry, it doesn't hurt or cut the skin in any visible way. These tiny abrasions create channels that activate the bloodflow beneath the beard, stimulating better regeneration, and allowing deeper penetration of our Beard Activator Serum to reach your hair roots.

There have been numerous studies conducted on the effectiveness of microneedling in promoting hair growth, particularly when used in combination with topical hair solutions. In one such study, 30% faster hair growth results were reported by the microneedling group compared to the control group. (6 weeks vs.10 weeks)

What makes the serum so effective?

Our Beard Activator Serum is filled with naturally derived ingredients which are rich in vitamins & hydrators, and essential for beard growth.

Our favorite ingredient is the Capilia Longa. It's an extract from the Tumeric plant and has been engineered to draw from the plants amazing properties for the purposes of hair growth.

Tests over 150 day periods have shown the Capillia Longa to be effective in:
1.Increasing the thickness of the hair
2.Increase of germinative matrix
3. Broadening the bulb (root) of the hair

Tests also showed it achieves up to 52% increase in hair density over 150 days.

Do I need to use the full Kit?

We’ve combined the effectiveness of our Beard Activator Serum with our Beard Roller.

When you combine the two together, you're increasing the speed & effectiveness of which the Beard Activator Serum will work, leading to better results in a shorter time frame.

The Kit also includes a Beard Roller Spray, to keep your Beard Roller bacteria free, and a handy pocket sized stainless steel beard comb, to keep your beard looking good.
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